These days you can’t escape social media posts, your phone dinging for new messages on the news, new text alerts, the list goes on and on. Well, for one day imagine not answering to all those annoying noises. Make a promise to yourself not to check any news on the tv or the phone all day. Limit your email messages only for work and family.

Did you know there are benefits of an uncluttered environment which will lead you to reduced feelings of anxiety? Interesting and true too!

  1. Give up Instagram for a day (imagine all the time you will have now that you’re not on it)
  2. Turn off Facebook messages and not to answer any alerts. It’s just for a day.
  3. Turn off the t.v. completely. Lately, the news is so toxic my anxiety goes up when my husband turns it on.
  4. Only answer work emails and then put the phone away.
  5. Organize a cupboard and get rid of anything in the cabinets whether it be food, containers, or pans you don’t need. Organizing the kitchen I promise will make you feel so much better. Throw away those coffee cups you don’t need anymore. All those Tupperware containers that have no lids throw away.
  6. Clean up the shoes in your closet and give away anything you haven’t worn in a year. The Goodwill will appreciate it!
  7. Meditate take at least 10-15 minutes in a quiet place and be still with life. Give thanks for all the blessings you have in your life. Hear yourself breathe. Take big deep breaths and breathe out slowly.
  8. Do a fun activity outside ride a bike, go for a walk, garden, rake or sweep the patio. Being outside can really help you have a more positive mood and better cognitive function. Take that break from being indoors.
  9. Make some cookies for an elderly neighbor or perhaps rake the leaves off there sidewalk or lawn. Just do a good deed for someone.
  10. Set your limits on anyone who is taking time out of your day that you don’t appreciate. People that are time suckers need to leave your presence. People that sit around and gossip is wasting your time and giving bad vibes. Kill them with kindness and duck out.

I hope you find your inner peace by doing anyone of these techniques. If you can do all ten even better. Make sure to take time to recharge your batteries and do something for yourself. As a working mom with three children I am constantly juggling. But I have a habit of putting the phone away and really being present in my children’s lives. Make time for you!

All my best,