These days I’m sure we can all agree times are more stressful than ever. You try and find your inner peace and it’s a challenge. Make a vow to yourself that you will do one of the following exercises which may actually be so successful you will do it daily for the rest of your life.

  1. Journaling your innermost desires. Think about where you want to be in the next couple of months. Actually picture yourself doing that activity or living in that special house or city. All you need to do is close your eyes and picture yourself on that vacation, enjoying that new job, eating at that special restaurant, buying that special house that you have been imagining. Your imagination is your form of the universe you are creating. You must think happy, successful, peaceful thoughts. The more details you write down the more successful you may get to motivate yourself to let them come to fruition. After all, you are your inner thoughts. Keep thinking and saying positive thoughts of success.
  2. Take a walk in nature. Studies have shown walking in the woods can improve blood pressure, boost mental health, and decrease your cancer risk. Nature can make you happier, healthier and reduce stress. Walking in nature can improve your short term memory. For me with an auto immune disorder walking in nature helps reduce inflammation. Being outside can also boost your alertness and reduce your fatigue. So go out there and take that 3:00 walk around the block. No need for a sweet treat just go for a quick jaunt.
  3. Exercise your body. Not to the point of exhaustion. Take a 10-15 stretch break. I’m talking about yoga positions. Reach down touch your toes. Stretch your arms out and pull your elbow up to your ears and feel the stretch. Roll your neck and shoulders. Do a few squats. Just move your body. Dance to your favorite song.
  4. Sewing has been known to encourage mindfulness and reduce stress and anxiety. During COVID lockdown I whipped out my sewing machine and hemmed my jeans, sewed my comforter, and helped my daughter make a dress. While you are sewing you have your full concentration on the task at hand. The noise of the machine can be relaxing. Go ahead try it!
  5. Reading for pure pleasure. Immerse yourself in a good book. I enjoy a good mystery. I also read a lot of motivational books. Use your local library and read for 20 minutes a day. Reading can relax your body and destress your mind from your worries.
  6. Meditate in a quiet place. Meditating helps decrease metabolism, lowers blood pressure, and improves heart rate, breathing, and brain waves.
  7. Petting an animal has been known to reduce anxiety. Studies have shown that interactions with therapy animals can decrease stress in humans. If interested in a trained service dog try Superdog provides you a reliable way of shopping for service dogs for sale near you. I have no affiliation with this company I know someone who suffers from anxiety and she used this service.
  8. Expressing your gratitude to the universe. You can write down all the many reasons why you are grateful or just go through them in your mind. Whenever you’re in a slump take time to be thankful and reflect on all the good you have.
  9. Clean the house. A ten-minute quick pick up will do wonders for your train of thought. Clutter-free homes make it easier to think clearly and a clean home is less stressful. Go ahead pick up that messy laundry.
  10. Take a warm bath using Magnesium Chloride which can help you recharge and relax. Magnesium helps support healthy bones, improves skin health, and relieves muscle tension. Soak those feet if you don’t have time for a bath. Just do something for yourself.

I hope you find these tips useful in your quest to find peace. Remember take time for yourself.