5 Tips To Worry Less Problem Solve More

by | Sep 8, 2020 | Mindfulness | 0 comments

In order to worry less about things in your life put things into perspective. Everyone feels pressure and worry to finish a work project, house repairs, maintenance on a car, a sick child, how your going to pay the bills next month, worry about how your going to get your job done and teach your kids from home. Worrying is inevitable however, you can reduce your worrying by using the following tips. Take it from me I use to be the biggest worrier on the planet.

  1. Pinpoint exactly what you are worried about and see how you can ask for help or to solve this particular situation. My biggest worry right now is homeschooling three kids and working from home. Ask your neighbors to switch off days of kids in each home. That way you can ease the burden on your daily task of teaching to just 1-2 days depending on how many parents you can gather to join in the community homeschooling.
  2. Write down your worry and try and see if you can come to a solution. Instead of over thinking your worry write out how you can prevent the worst case scenario. If it’s a car maintenance problem take it in right away and get 2-3 different quotes before your problem gets bigger. Always deal with strange car noises as soon as possible. If it’s a sick child call the doctor and ask several questions. Don’t wait if your child is sick and you want your doctors opinion. Is better to be safe than sorry. Always ask questions.
  3. Don’t let the problems that you are worrying about stew for days and days. Just act on the worry. Don’t let your emotions go wild. Think with logic. Ask yourself is this worth worrying about?
  4. Talk with someone about your worry and see if they can offer some advice. Think the worry down in your head and say can I do anything about it right now? Can I humanely fix this situation to calm my nerves. If you had a disagreement with someone and you worry that it was your fault admit you made a mistake and worry no more. Clear the air. Clear your conscience. Say what you need to say and no more worrying.
  5. If the actual thing you are worried about is out of your hands then put it out of your mind. If it’s a job interview you just had and you are worrying if you got the job well hope for the best, but try not to worry until you know for sure if you got it or not.

I know worrying can keep you up late at night, something I take to get a good nights sleep is Magnesium. Remember live your life for today you can’t worry about two weeks from now just take life as it comes. Day to day, hour by hour, minute by minute. Just get through the hard times and keep going. Hard times never last. Keep your head up and just know this to shall pass.

I hope these tips you found were helpful in your journey to finding a more healthy, happy, worry free life.

All my best,