I’m sure several women struggle with late night tossing and turning in bed. Flipping the pillow over and over hoping to get that sweet spot for comfort. Falling asleep has been a struggle for 1 and 4 women in the United States. Believe it or not, one study has shown, women of all ages reported worse sleep quality than men, including taking longer to fall asleep, sleeping for shorter periods of time, and feeling sleepier when awake. According to Dr. Watson the codirector of the University of Washington Sleep Center in Seattle,

Seven or more hours of sleep is recommended for optimal health. Now that’s explore how you can get more sleep every night.

  1. One Teaspoon of Calm mixed with half a glass of water 30 minutes before bed has the biggest impact on my sleep success for the wonderful long slumber. This Magnesium supplement has so many benefits. Psychology Today called magnesium “the original chill pill”. Magnesium activates the parasympathetic nervous system and helps you feel calm. Taking Calm can also help with digestion, strengthen your bones, helps bone alignment, depression & adrenal function, diabetes, fatigue, fibromyalgia, can prevent heart attacks, hiccups, hyperactivity, insomnia, kidney stones, leg cramps, migraines, muscle disorders, nervousness, osteoporosis, PMS, seizures and stress.

2. Avoid caffeine including chocolates and caffeinated soda hours before bed. Try cutting off your caffeine intake 8-10 hours before bedtime. Believe it or not, a small handful of chocolate chips can kill your sleep schedule for the night. Let alone for the next two to three nights if you don’t fall asleep until 3-4 in the morning. Just be mindful of your late-night snacking and make sure you stay away from sugar.

3. Make yourself have a consistent bedtime every night. Your body will know it’s time to lay down after just a week of going to bed at the same time. I know sometimes you want to watch that Netflix’s series, but save that for your weekend splurge. Make time for sleep it’s necessary for your health.

4. Read a book of your choice. Turn off the tv and all your electronics. Scrolling through the phone will only keep you away longer. Reading can be relaxing and reduces stress. According to Cognitive Neuropsychologist, Dr. David Lewis reading reduces stress levels by 68%.” It only takes 6 minutes for stress levels to be reduced.” Why do you ask? When reading a good book you tend to forget about the daily stresses. Go ahead and grab a book that looks interesting. I’m reading these two books. Get your mind into the books, not on your worries of the day. There’s nothing you can do now about what happened today just prepare yourself for a better tomorrow. Many people keep thinking about the day and becoming more stressed about how it played out. Don’t put your life on replay. Push the button on play. Say to yourself I am not going to rewind today. I’m living now, not hours and hours ago.

5. Journaling your life and how you are going to manifest what you want. Put your head in the right space. Think about and write your dreams down. Be as descriptive as you can about what you want in life to make you happy. After scripting your future. Lay there and imagine you living that special life! Picture every detail you want to happen in your future. Plan out the next day in your journal what you’re going to do, who are you going to see. Focus your attention on how productive you will be the following day. Always keep your thoughts positive and uplifting. Remember you control your thoughts.

I hope the next time you have trouble sleeping you take my advice and do one of the following mentioned above.

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Happy sleeping to all of you,