The Power of Positive Thinking Can Lead a Person to Achieve All Goals Set Forth

Your self talk is what ultimately drives your decision making in your life. If you fill your head with powerful positive affirmations about yourself and your abilities these affirmations will come true. When positive thoughts are spoken in your head with conviction they can intentionally create the change you need to achieve greatness. Affirmations work in so many effective ways to motivate you to act. When you act on your goals, it further boosts your desire to continue your actions.

  1. Concentrate on your goals. Goal achievement is helped by keeping your mind on the “goal.”
  2. Change your negative thought patterns immediately when it starts to creep into your thoughts. Your mind controls everything.
  3. Recognize how you will feel when the goals that you have created will be obtained. How are you going to look, what will you be wearing, where will your loved ones be when you have obtained the goal.
  4. Talk to yourself as if it already happened. When I achieve that goal .. I will buy this.. When I reach the goal I will get ……..
  5. Listen to a Podcast that will inspire you. I like listening to Daniel Alonzo’s Life on the Beach Podcast, Dean Graziosi Show and Tony Robbins Podcast. Listening to others overcome obstacles always inspires me and lifts me up.
  6. Tell yourself in your head then write down all the things you have accomplished by yourself. Write down all the accomplishments you have mastered and the achievements you have made. Look at that list and believe you can do more and write the list that you want to improve. Say to yourself I can achieve greatness and I can do this because I am strong and well able. I’ll show everyone I can do it!
  7. Recognize your brain is the strongest muscle in your body. What you say to yourself is what you believe. Change the script you are telling yourself your not worth it. Believe that you can and you will achieve that goal you want or whatever you are striving for will get accomplished.
  8. An example of a positive affirmation I give myself if I am having a really bad day or a difficult client, I will say I am going to get through this, I am listening and doing my best, this situation will pass and I will get through it. I can do this. This kind of talk seems to put me in a calm state. Try it the next time you’re having a difficult day..
  9. Affirmations are beliefs you have about yourself so make sure you are filling beliefs in your head that are positive and encouraging about yourself. It’s okay to talk it out in your head, I’ve got this, I can do this, I’m strong, I can do this no problem. Talk yourself into powerful words of yes you can, yes you will. Be strong in your self-talk.
  10. Mediation and spending time in the morning in a quiet place can help you build a positive mental health day. When meditating be sure to breathe in and out and imagining what kind of day you are going to have. A productive day, you will accomplish everything that’s on your to-do list.