Pain reliever creams can relieve your tired sore muscles and allow you to go about your day painless. Below you will find 5 creams I have used that work extremely effectively on all my achy arthritic bones.

Whether it be a sharp, dull or achy pain these pain relievers work. Prior to my shoulder replacement these inexpensive creams can help you get through the day.

  1. My go to cream with a backache or my arthritic wrist Tiger Balm //amznlit’s my personal choice for body aches. Tiger balm is inexpensive and can give you relief for a good few hours. You can rub it on the problem area and it heats up quickly. Within minutes you will feel relief. Only use a small amount and rub in a circular motion.
  2. Magnesium Spray // I use this on my calves at night or on a large portion of my shoulder blade. I like using this at night. If you suffer from leg cramps this spray is a GAME CHANGER!
  3. Lidocaine Patches// are great to place on your lower back or on your hip. I highly suggest using this patch if you have lower back pains.
  4. Penetrex- // Relief Therapy for Back, Knee, Shoulder, Foot (little bit pricey but painfree is what you need. A little of this goes a long way.)
  5. Biofreeze Pain Relief Roll- On Works on tired, sore legs and lasts a few hours) Mild pain relief roll on.

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