Do you ever see those women that seem to have it all going on? Perfectly pressed clothes, children are always well dressed, on time for all sports practices, clean car, never seem to have a stressed-out bone in their body? There are 5 techniques you have to follow to live your best life.

1# Maximize your morning time and dedicate it to you. Wake up earlier than the family and get 30-45 minutes of a workout in for YOU! After working out give yourself some time to meditate and recognize what you are grateful for and be thankful you have those people and things in your life.

2# Envision how your day will unfold. What you’re going to do, who are you going to see, things you have to get done. Be that person that is on time for every meeting. Be that mom that is well prepared. Prepare yourself with what you have to do that day before the day begins. Pack the car, the lunches the night before. Prepare your coffee and the vitamins the night before. Have it all ready for you.

3# Plan out the meals for the week on Sunday. Organize the house Sunday so your home runs smoothly for the week ahead. Plan tomorrow today is a great tool to implement. Pack the gym bag in the car the night before.

4# Set your goals and make them happen. Everyone will have setbacks in life. But just keep striving to achieve the goals you promised yourself. If a goal is weight loss then start to mindfully eat. Watching your calories and planning out meals. Bring healthy snacks with you where ever you go. Take the goals you wrote down and break them down to how you will achieve them daily.

5# Envision your best life and write down what you want. How are you going to make that life obtainable, Every day try and get closer to working towards your ultimate best life. Don’t put something off and think it’s not going to happen to me. Yes, it can happen for you if you try and put forth effort to obtain that goal. Reach for that job promotion, it’s okay to be uncomfortable and better your life. Life is full of challenges the only person that is going to change for the better is you. Make the change you want to happen.

I hope these strategies help you find your best life.

All my best,